Kamry K101 Mechanical Mod

Kamry K101 Mechanical Mod

Kamry K101 Mechanical Mod



When it comes to finding the right type of kit for your vaping needs, there are few that work quite as well as the Kamry 101 Mechanical Mod Kit. It has all the features that those who vape want from a high quality product at a low, competitive price. In addition to the many fine features this particular kit offers, it also has a “telescopic” option that can be used for three different size batteries, the 18350, 18500 and the 18650.

In addition to having the ability to work with different size batteries, the K101 also has a convenient bottom-firing button and a button-locking feature as well. This means that the product is quite versatile and easy to use which makes it very attractive for those who are looking for different options. In addition, the K101 can be used with the 510 flush sitting tanks, presents a metallic finish as the lockable fire button means that you can control the vaping process all the way.


  • K101 Mod
  • 510 Cartomizer
  • Chrome drip tip
  • Kamry kicker chip
  • Cartomizer tube
  • Battery charger
  • 18350 & 18650 Batteries
  • Large zipper case

The Kamry K101 Mechanical Mod Kit is definitely one of the best on the market today available at  #gypsyvapes  and  #yourvaporizerstore